What type of gas cartridge can I use with Trangia´s gas burner or if I use gas with the multifuel burner?
Can the spirit burner, gas burner or fuel bottle be transported by aircraft?
How do I clean a spirit burner that food has been spilt over, so that the holes are partly clogged?
If there is some residual alcohol in the spirit burner after cooking, can the alcohol be saved in the burner (with the lid closed) for the next day?
I have a Trangia gas burner through which the gas is flowing at a dramatically reduced rate. How can I solve this problem?
I have an old Trangia set. How can I adapt the set in order to use it with the gas burner?
My vessels or windshield has melted, how could this happen?
Can the various Trangia vessels be used over an open fire?
Can the Trangia multi-disc be used as a lid when cooking?
How should I clean my Trangia stove, can I use the dishwasher?
I have a coating inside my aluminium pots that does not go away. I have only boiled water in them, what is this?