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More Trangia moments…

Over half a million stoves and messtins were produced and shipped from our plant in Trångsviken during 2021. An extraordinary achievement from our team and something we could never have imagined a few years ago.

Here’s how it is today!

Our strength lies in pushing boundaries of what is possible and finding creative ways to make things happen. Our purpose to get more people outside is a strong motivator and felt by all who work here, because those moments are the moments that truly matter in life. The growing interest in nature and the outdoors is not just a result of recent restrictions on indoor activities, but a growing natural opposing force to our exhausting fast pace of life.

When we are outside, we are forced to slow down and embrace natures pace. Combine that with cooking over an open flame and we are right back to what has always helped humanity survive and evolve, it’s a primal survival instinct. What we have learnt these past two years is that our own backyards and nearby parks are sufficient for us to distress, relax and reconnect.

It’s also not just bushmen and thrill-seeking adventurers who are looking to get out, it’s people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, often with no previous experience of outdoor recreational activities. We are proud to see that the Trangia stove has helped make these moments more accessible to more people, and that we are breaking out of our comfort zones through food!

With the growing demand for our products, we feel an enormous responsibility to make sure they continue to evolve and that we, as a company, continuously work on turning our negative environmental impact on the planet into long-term positive one. You will find in this catalog a new series of products where we have consciously embraced more non-virgin materials, reusable packaging, life cycle extending accessories and giveback initiatives with real impact.

Let’s get outside and have more Trangia moments!
Magnus Rydell, VD Trangia

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Or three.