our history

From practical household vessels…

John E Jonsson was not particularly interested in farming, despite coming from a farming family. It was evident from an early age that John E Johnsson was more curious about technology and design.

…to outdoor stoves loved all over the world

Together with his father-in-law, John E Johnsson started the company that would eventually become the leading provider of outdoor stoves in Sweden. In the beginning, they produced household pots that were primarily bought by farmers and workers. The Swedish holiday reform in 1938 led to Swedes having more free time, which resulted in a sudden increase in the demand for camping equipment. John, being a bit of an inventor and an opportunist, didn’t take long to develop a an outdoor cooking stove. John’s two sons, Olle and Eric, shared his interests and soon joined the business.

In 1951, they launched the first prototype of the Trangia stove; a complete cooking system with a burner, pot and windshield. They decided to use liquid fuel due to its efficiency and user friendliness. Trangia has since become one of the leading outdoor industry brands, both in Sweden and around the world. Generations of scouts, mountain hikers and outdoor enthusiasts have cooked their meals on a Trangia stove, still made in the village of Trångsviken, in northern Sweden.

A talent for innovation can go a long way. This was the case for John E. Jonsson, and it is in his spirit that we continue to develop Trangia today.


The sun is finally here with many reasons to celebrate!
We offer a free personal engraving when purchasing a Trangia stove series 25 or 27.

Valid until 31 May 2024 and stoves from our regular range