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If we have available positions, you can find them here. Otherwise, you are welcome to submit a spontaneous application. Do you go to school? Sometimes we are also looking for extra staff for weekends and holidays. 

Job openings

We are located in Trångsviken, Jämtland, where our factory and manufacturing have existed since 1925. In 2020, we opened our Factory store & Museum, in the same premises where everything once started almost 100 years ago. Today we are about 90 employees at the factory, office and in the store.

Quality is the key word for all products, which means constant development to be able to guarantee the best in materials, manufacturing, design, function and safety. Aluminum is the basis of all our products, which makes them light and durable. With a stove from Trangia, you can cook outdoors, regardless of the weather!

No job openings at the moment. Spontaneous application can be emailed to:


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