Personalize your Trangia Stove with laser engraving!

Trangia is launching an option to personalize your new Trangia stove through engraving. With a product that lasts a lifetime, engraving adds value to the user now and for generations to come.

From now on, when you order a Trangia stove from Trangia’s official website, you will have the option to engrave in any text or logotype. The result will be a beautiful memory that lives on with the stove, and hopefully also extends the life of the stove. Fiber engraving is designed for high quality laser marking on robust, high-density materials such as metals and plastics. The result is a resistant engraving that increases the personal value of the product. Examples of engraving could be names, initials, a birthday greeting or perhaps a memorable date?

Engraving is offered on all stoves in series 25 and 27. The engraving will be located on the upper windshield, on the opposite side from the Trangia logo. We currently offer one font: Baskerville Regular. Your text can be max 175 number of characters for best possible results. 

Engraving ads another level of affectional value to our products,
and will make them even more valuable over time.

– Magnus Rydell, CEO.


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