Erika becomes Trangia’s new Purchaser and Project Manager

Östersund local, Erika Olsson, takes on the Purchasing and Project Manager role at Trangia with focus to strengthen supplier relations for a more sustainable product life cycle.

With a strong demand for Trangia stoves, lack of materials worldwide and ambitious environmental goals, Trangia will be facing challenges on its growth journey.  Therefore, the company is now focusing on strategically streamlining the purchasing process, as well as the traceability throughout the supply chain.

Erika has a strong background in supply chain development, purchasing, project management and production from both Saab Aeronautics and local bolting solution company Nord-lock, and will be able to contribute with very valuable experience from these large companies.

We welcome Erika to Team Trangia!


Name: Erika Olsson
Age: 39
Favourite meal on Trangia: One Pot Pasta; it can be varied endlessly and cooked in its entirety in a single pot. Simple, easy and tasty!
Favourite Trangia moment: Last summer’s trip to Övre Delliken. Woke up in the tent early in the morning, packed up the fly rod and the Trangia stove and went downstream. Found a magical place on a large rock that went out a bit into the river and cooked breakfast there with my husband. Ate in silence and stillness to the noise of the river.

”My newfound love for winter camping has helped me get out more often, even during the wintermonths.”