Madeleine Jönstam

The shift between seasons and a backpack filled with seasonal produce inspires me

Food for me is love and warmth, I love combining that with my love for being in nature

My name is Madeleine Jönstam and I am a freelance food and lifestyle photographer with one foot in Stockholm and the other on the way to the next adventure.

I come from a family where well-cooked food has always been a big passion and priority. My mother loved to stand in the kitchen and cook, and at my Hungarian grandparents’ home, the slow cooker was always simmering on the stove for hours on end. Food should be prepared with warmth and love, I learnt that from my mother.

I feel very creative in nature. I love to cook, but to be able to do it outdoors takes the experience to another level. The simplicity and interplay between the rough and the delicate, the shift between seasons and a backpack filled with seasonal produce, that’s what inspires me!

Madeleine Jönstam
Madeleine Jönstam
Madeleine Jönstam

Cooking in nature has a calming effect on me. The different elements at play mean that you are forced to be more present. A pinch of fresh air is an ingredient I often use when I want to create something really good!

My favourite Trangia moment was on a summers evening in early June, on Fårö Island. We camped on a deserted beach and cooked a feast for two! A vegetarian bolognese with lots of parsley and parmesan!

Madeleine Jonstam

/ Madeleine Jönstam
Freelancing food and lifestyle photographer and digital creator