The story begins

Written by Hanna Hervall

The Story begins

In 2020 the original Trangia factory building became vacant and the idea of a museum and factory store was born. We are now back in the same building where everything once started back in 1925.

Many hours went into sorting the pictures and documents into a timeline to get a clearer picture of the story behind Trangia, this is how the story begins…

Trangia was founded in Trångsviken in 1925 by John E. Jonsson and his father-in-law, Fritiof Svensson. John grew up on a farm, but was never interested in following his fathers footsteps. He was more curious about technology and design, even from a very early age. The combined expertise of these two men, John being the technically skilled entrepreneur and Fritiof the ambitious sales- and businessman, led to early success. In the beginning the company manufactured kitchen and household utensils in aluminium, but soon discovered there was a demand on the market for durable and light-weight camping equipment.

“It started with kitchen and household utensils in aluminium

The rapid growth of the scout movement during the late 1920’s and the introduction of two weeks annual leave for workers in 1938 had led to a growing interest for outdoor life in Sweden. Trangia started producing a variety of different camping sets. The main philosophy was that all the individual parts in a set should fit in one saucepan. A principle that was to be used successfully in the design of Trangias first spirit stove, the Trangia N:o 25, introduced in 1951. Two saucepans, a frying pan, handle and spirit burner fitted inside an upper and a lower windshield. A compact outdoor cooking solution.

Fast forward to today you can walk through the history in the museum, in the same footprints as our founder once did. Some days we can still feel his presence in the building, especially when we’re alone in the building just after closing.