Hike in colours

Written by Malin Bergman

Hike in colours

It’s important to make the most of the short period in time when nature reveals its brightest palette of autumn hues – before you know it, all the colours could be blown away, literally speaking.

A few weeks ago, Trangia teamed up with Astrid Wild and Adventure Stories for a common hike up to Totthummeln in Åre. An event open to the public with the common purpose of getting people out, and an opportunity to meet some new people.

To find a community, or a circle of friends, with similar interest can be difficult in this fast-paced individual society we live in today, which was probably one of the reasons why this event was so appreciated. Trangia and Astrid Wild, a company that makes functional and stylish outdoor-clothing for women, had been discussing the idea of doing something together for some time, so when this opportunity came up, we jumped at it! Camilla, who represented Adventure Stories, had the role of guiding the group, and she did so in a very professional manner. Adventure stories is an Åre-based company created by women – intended for everyone, whose purpose is to inspire and motivate, to get people out into nature on various adventure trips.

Before the hike, everyone gathered at the parking lot outside Tott Hotel and despite autumn markets and other happenings in the village, the turnout was good. Some of the participants knew each other from before, some had newly moved to Åre/Östersund, but all shared a common interest in the outdoors. There were four of us present from Team Trangia. We had communicated the event internally and as a result two of our team members signed up to join the hike. All in all, we were 25 strangers about to discover 25 new friends.

You could sense autumn on the crisp mountain air and although it was a sweaty hike, our bodies were ready for a warming lunch once we finally found a spot at the top. We split the group into smaller groups of three and divided the Trangia stoves between us. The pre-chopped ingredients were passed around the groups, but not without glancing over to see how the others were progressing with the cooking. Some great conversations and a lot of laughter were shared during the lunch, which was perfectly topped off with a hot cup of tea, camp coffee and chocolate, while the dogs were let loose to run free before we packed up. 

We all came down the mountain with many new acquaintances and a lot of positive energy. Chat groups were created, photos were shared and some even met up for dinner and a night on the town afterwards. With that said, we’re already looking forward to the next adventure. Maybe we’ll see you there?