Nikes pink glittery stove

Written by Malin Bergman

Pink glittery stove

During the autumn school holidays last year, 8 year old Nike visited the Trangia Museum with her mum and left a little note in our feedback box.

I want a pink stove with glitter – Nike 8″

With only weeks until Christmas, our team decided to make a pink stove with glitter, in hope of finding Nike before Christmas Eve.

Feedback from our customers and distributors has always been incredibly important to us. Our ability to listen to our users has helped build trust over the years, and has laid the foundation for our strong brand. We don’t normally get feedback from children, therefore it felt extra important and fun to act on Nike’s note.

It felt important to act on Nike’s note

With only weeks until Christmas, our team decided to get a stove powder coated in pink metallic – hopeful that with the help of social media, we would be able to find Nike before Christmas Eve. The search for Nike soon went viral and reached over half a million people! Within a few hours we received an email from Nike’s mother Emma, who confirmed that it was her daughter who had left us the note during a recent visit to the Trangia Factory store and Museum. Emma explained that Nike had walked around the shop and noted that Trangia’s product offering completely lacked glittery options.

By the time the pink stove was ready for pickup it was almost Christmas and too late for the delivery company to get it to Nike in time. Luckily Nike and her family was heading to Åre for Christmas and a Trangia staff member was able to personally deliver it, and leave it on their living room table! Nike was pretty happy when she unwrapped the pink stove and it soon became the most talked about topic on the street that Christmas.

“ The search for Nike went viral and reached over half a million people ”

Nikes lapp

Our product development team is working on a colour option for the Trangia stove, but with the growing demand for Trangia stoves, it has not been prioritised. However, when we do find the time, it will be called “Nike’s edition”.