Trying out Vanlife

Written by Malin Bergman


The Vanlife movement has exploded in popularity in the last few years. Most of us desire to live a life with more freedom, less restricted by mortgages, work commitments and utility bills, but are we ready to downsize our lives into a van? 

Earlier this year, Trangia teamed up with startup company Småland Campers, a company that rents out mini camper vans, all equipped with Trangia stoves.  

Earlier this year, Trangia teamed up with startup company Småland Campers; a company that rents out mini camper vans, equipped with a double bed, heater, ventilation system, Trangia stove and the necessary kitchen utensils. A cheaper alternative to hire a motorhome, and a great opportunity to experience what the Vanlife fuzz is all about, even if just for one day.

The concept started to grow in popularity in 2018, but mini camper vans have been popular overseas for quite some time. The mini camper vans are rebuilt from well serviced, low milage vans found on the secondhand market. “It feels like a better alternative to buying new”, says Christian Assmann, who is the man behind the startup company who are first to offer the experience in Sweden. “When I first experienced Vanlife in Iceland, I knew I wanted to take it to Sweden, says Christian. The smaller camper vans are cheaper to rent, cheaper to run, and easier to find overnight parking for. The small size also allows access to smaller roads, so that people don’t miss out on the gems often found off the beaten track. Christian is hopeful that his mini campers will enable a wider range of people to explore the great outdoors.

“Everyone appreciates having a failsafe outdoor stove

It is mostly young people who hire the mini campers as it’s a lot cheaper that a motorhome, but with the same travel potential. People from Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Sweden have all been very happy with the experience. “All gave a very good feedback on the Trangia stoves” says Christian. “Everyone appreciated having a failsafe outdoor stove.”

Alexander Hall Photographer

To find out more about Småland Campers, visit their website.