Choose the right Trangia stove


  1. What size! With or without kettle?
  2. What material would you like? Start choosing frypan first
  3. Which burner? Choose between spirit or gas.
  4. Our other stoves


1. Size- The classic Trangia stove

Large 25 , for 3-4 persons
All stoves contain two saucepans , 1.75 and 1.5 liters, a frying pan Ø220 mm, windsheilds (upper and lower), spirit burner, handle and strap.

Small 27, for 1-2 persons
All stoves contain two saucepans , 1.0 liter each, a frying pan Ø180 mm, windsheilds (upper and lower), spirit burner, handle and strap.

With or without kettle?
All stoves in serie Large 25, are available with a kettle, 0,9 liters. In serie Small 27 you can get the models with spirit burner with kettle included, 0.6 liters. The ones with Gas burner only comes without kettle due to space issues. You can buy the Gas burner seperatly and still use it ofcourse.

2. Material


Our advanced base material. Aluminum is a lightweight material with good thermal conductivity. Ultralight aluminum (UL) is an alloy called 5005, it´s  50% stronger than ordinary aluminum and thanks to that the material can be made thinner and the stove becomes lighter. The weight is now lower than the Titan as we had before.


“Teflon” as it´s also called, is mainly used in the frying pan but you will find it in the pots as well. A coating that provides a perfect surface for frying & cooking with minimal fat. Washing is easy because nothing gets stuck. Nonstick is a less durable material so you should only use wood or plastic utensils in these pots/pans. You should also protect pots & frying pan during transport. Our Nonstick is a PTFE type that is free from PFOA.


Hardanodizing is a surface treatment that makes the surface hard and scratch resistant. Protects against wear and corrosion that can occur on aluminum. It´s slightly easier to clean than UL. The weight is the same as UL because the treatment is penetrating the material, so there is no coating that can peel off. HA replaces our series in Titan since the weight is lower and the surface is just as hard.

Duossal 2.0/D

Our unique super laminate. A perfect combination of two materials in one. Aluminum on the outside for good heat distribution and stainless steel on the inside are pressed together under high pressure. This makes the pots scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The duossal pots are durable and can be heated quickly. The thickness of the material is a total of 0.8 mm, stainless steel 0.3 and aluminum 0.5 mm. Here you have a robust pot for real outdoor cooking!

3. Burner

Spirit burner

Spirit burner for alcohol-based fuels such as Tenol, methylated spirits or methylated alcohol. Easy to use thanks to the simple construction. A filling (max. 2/3 of the burner) burns for approx. 25 min. Boil 1 liter of water in about 10 minutes. The spirit burner can be used with all Trangia stoves in series 25 + 27, Trangia Triangle (400333), Open stove (100230) and Mini Trangia (100285)

Gas burner

The Gas burner is easy to use, has a fast boiling time and keeps the pots soot free. Boils 1 liter of water in about 3.5 minutes. Used with propane / butane gas container with threaded valve. The Gas burner fits in Trangia stoves series 25 + 27. Can also be used in Trangia Triangle 400333 and Open stove 100230. (Does not fit in Mini Trangia 100285).

4. Our other stoves

Open spirit stove
A good model to have if you just need a heat source and want to use your own pots & pans that you have at home in the kitchen.

Mini Trangia – for 1 person
A complete stove with spirit burner. The pot holds 0.8 l. Practical and compact.

Trangia Triangle – for 1-2 persons
Windshields in three parts and holder for burner. Supplement with an spirit burner or gas burner and use with optional pots & pans.


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