What type of gas cartridge can I use with Trangia´s gas burner or if I use gas with the multifuel burner?
These burners should be used with Primus gas cartridges 2202, 2206, 2207 or gas cartridges of other brands with propane/butan mix with the threaded valve according to standard EN417 (examples of other brands are MSR, Optimus, Markill, Coleman). Unfortunately, it is not possible to use gas cartridges that can be refilled, with the Trangia gas burner.
Can the spirit burner, gas burner or fuel bottle be transported by aircraft?
According to the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, the spirit burner and fuel bottle are not considered as dangerous goods, provided that they are empty or filled with water. However, it is advisable to check-in the equipment and not carry it as hand luggage. Before traveling, always check with your airline what rules they have.
How do I clean a spirit burner that food has been spilt over, so that the holes are partly clogged?
Use steel wire, a thick needle or something similar and try to clean the holes. Steel wool can be used to clean the burner. Try not to get food into the wick. After cleaning the spirit burner, let it dry properly before use. It is advisable to test the burner after it has dried, before it is used in the stove again, to make sure it works properly.
If there is some residual alcohol in the spirit burner after cooking, can the alcohol be saved in the burner (with the lid closed) for the next day?
The fuel can be stored inside the burner for the next day (or the next couple of days), provided that the lid is properly closed and the o-ring is undamaged. However, it is essential that the burner has cooled down completely before the lid is closed. Please note that the alcohol must not be stored in the burner for a longer period of time. The burner should not be packed down in the stove set during transport with fuel in the burner as it can leak.
I have a Trangia gas burner through which the gas is flowing at a dramatically reduced rate. How can I solve this problem?
The problem is most likely caused by some dirt in the jet nipple. Loosen up the appliance as shown in fig. 3 in the instructions (both the jet nipple and the burner). Clean out the jet nipple by blowing through the tiny hole at the front. Directions for use »
I have an old Trangia set. How can I adapt the set in order to use it with the gas burner?
The easiest way to adapt an older set to the gas burner is to cut out a bigger hole among the small holes on the side of the lower windshield that is four holes wide and four holes high.
My vessels or windshield has melted, how could this happen?
If you “dry cook”, i.e. put a pot over the flame without food, liquid or fat, it soon becomes too hot and can cause the pot to melt. The vents in the lower windshield should be turned into the wind. If it is wrong or if the wind suddenly turns you can get a back flow that causes a melting of the air holes. Spilt fuel on the ground or on the windshield can also cause damage. If you have spilt fuel you need to remove the stove and wipe it dry.
Can the various Trangia vessels be used over an open fire?
Yes, all vessels can be used over an open fire. Keep in mind that some products have plastic parts that can melt. Be careful not to overheat empty pots / dry cook, as they can melt.
Can the Trangia multi-disc be used as a lid when cooking?
Trangia multi-disc cannot be used as a lid when cooking as it would be heated to such a high temperature that it would deform. However, it works perfectly well to use the multi-disc as a lid to keep the food warm (whilst off the stove), while the other food is being cooked.
How should I clean my Trangia stove, can I use the dishwasher?
No, you should not put your Trangia items in the dishwasher. The detergent is too strong and will cause ugly spots on the aluminium. Hand wash is recommended. If you need something extra you can use soap impregnated steel wool or Schotchbrite, but not on non-stick as the surface is more sensitive.
I have a coating inside my aluminium pots that does not go away. I have only boiled water in them, what is this?
Water contains salts and metals that react with the aluminium and can cause discolouration to the brown, yellow or black side. This is difficult to wash/scrub off, but you can still use your pots safely.