It gasps/leaks gas when I connect the gas burner to the gas container, why?

There may be differences in how quickly the gas container valve opens when connecting between different gas containers/ different valves. To minimize leakage, keep the gas container in upright position when connecting, and quickly screw the last turns.

Which gas container fits Trangia's Gas Burner & Multifuel Burner?

All propane/butane gas container with threaded valve complying with standard EN417, which is an international standard. Primus, MSR, Optimus, Jet boil are examples of gas container manufacturers.

Can Trangia's Spirit burner, Gas burner or fuel bottles be transported on airplane?

Always consult with your airline what applies.

How do I clean the Spirit burner?

Normally, the burner is maintenance-free. If you have got food or dirt over the burner you can rinse/wipe it with water. Soap impregnated  steel wool can be used to polish the exterior. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Can I save fuel in the Spirit burner for another time?

Fuel can be stored in the burner for the next day’s cooking eg. Otherwise, it is better to pour it back in the bottle.

I see something white inside the small holes on my Spirit burner, what is it?

It is a wick of 100% cotton that is needed for the burner to function properly.

My Gas Burner dont work as it should, what can I do?

The Gas burner needs regular cleaning. Read more in the Instructions >>

How can I customize my old Trangia stove for the Gas burner?
Cut a larger hole among the small holes on the side of the lower windshield that are four holes wide and four holes high.



Can I use my Trangia stove indoors?

A camping stove is made for outdoor use. If still needed to use indoors so keep in mind: Good ventilation, fireproof surface, free above and always under supervision

My pot/pan has melted, how could this happen?

If you “dry cook”, as in place the pot/pans over the flame without any food, liquid or food fat, it will quickly become too hot and the pot/pans can melt.

My windsheild has melted, how could this happen?

The air holes in the lower windshield should be facing the wind. If placed wrong or the wind direction suddenly reverses, you can get a back suction which  can causes it to melt in the air holes. Spilled fuel on the ground and on the windshield can also cause damage.

Can the various Trangia pots and pans be used over an open fire or other heat source?

Yes, all pots/pans can be used over open fire, Spirit or Gas stoves. Keep in mind that some products have plastic parts that can melt in direct contact with fire. Again, caution applies to overheating.

Can Trangia’s Multi-disc be used as a lid when cooking on the Trangia stove?

No, it can soften and lose shape. But it is good to use the Multi-disc as a lid to conserve heat afterwards.

Can you clean the Trangia stove and other parts in the dishwasher?

No. Dishwasher detergent is too strong and causes unsightly stains and a rough surface on aluminum.

How do I clean my Trangia stove?

Hand washing is recommended. For extra washing power, use Soap Wool or Schotchbrite sponge, but not on your non-stick pots that have a more sensitive surface.

My pot or kettle has got discoloration that does not go away. I have only boiled water, what is it?

Water contains salts & various metals that react with aluminum and can cause discoloration to brown, yellow or even black shades. It´s difficult to remove but it´s harmless to continue using the pots.



Where can I find name of fuels in the different countries?
I’m looking for a an instruction to my Trangia, where are they?
Is there a list of weight & measures ?

Weight & measures Table >>
Also look at the specific article in our webshop

How do I contact you?
If you want to talk to us at Trangia in Sweden, please call or email. We also have distributors in several countries for local help & info
Contact details here >>
How do I find a store that sells Trangia?
We have a Store Locator map you can use, click here >>
You can also contact our distributor in each country, here they are >>