Quality, environment and responsibility

At Trangia, quality includes dedicated development in all areas of our business, including choice of material, manufacturing, design, performance and safety. The Trangia stove has always been produced in the mountains of Jämtland in the north of Sweden. With all parts of the company gathered in one place, close to nature, we can ensure that every detail in our camping stoves stands for true quality. Environmental thinking is self-evident to those of us who live close to nature. Our manufacturing is therefore environmentally optimised, including the water used during surface treatment undergoing total purification before leaving the factory. Packaging is manufactured from environmentally approved cardboard and is 100 % recyclable. The cardboard is included in the German ”Der Grüne Punkt” system.

Social responsibility
Trangia is a proud supporter of the non-profit design studio billionBricks in their work of saving lives through providing shelter to the homeless. As Trangia did 90 years ago, billionBricks is now entering the market with an innovative high-quality product. We are sponsoring about 80 all-weather emergency tents for families living on the streets around India, home to many of the world’s homeless.

By supporting their direct-to-consumer and buy-one-give-one approach, we have the possibility to positively affect billions of lives. Read more about their work on www.weatherhyde.org