Fuel bottle Olive

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Fuel bottle with safety valve

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For safe filling of the spirit burner. The unique design of the safety cap allows you to pour the liquid without removing the cap. The cork has a venting spout and a pouring spout that allows the liquid to flow smoothly, reducing the chance of spills.

Suitable for storage of most liquid fuels such as spirits, kerosene, white gas, alkylate petrol or Primus Powerfuel.


NOTE! Trangia fuel bottles can not be sold / delivered to Canada

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Weight (g) N/A

0.3 l, 0.5 l, 1 l


Polyeten (HDPE)


Ø65xH188 mm, Ø65xH235 mm, Ø80xH294 mm

Made in


2 reviews for Fuel bottle Olive

Fuel bottle 0.5 L, olive:
Fuel bottle 1 L, olive:
  1. Kunden köpte: Fuel bottle 1 L, olive

    Steve Lee (verified owner)

    I like that the liter capacity bottle has a translucent vertical strip marked in 100ml increments so you can see how much alcohol you pour and how much remains. The 300ml and 500ml olive bottles I have don’t have this feature.
    The liter bottle has a slightly larger diameter (by about 8mm) than a standard 1 liter water bottle and it fits the regular size water bottle cages on my bicycle. The 300ml and 500ml bottles diameters are about 64mm and too small to fit snug in a water bottle cage. I add a thin foam can coozie to these bottles and then they fit perfect.
    The plastic is a thick HDPE that you can’t squeeze/crush with your hand. I haven’t had any leak issues, and generally keep the bottle upright when traveling. Valve is reliable and easy to use. After pouring and then closing the valve, there is usually a drop of alcohol remaining in the pour tube. A quick shake before stowing dislodges the drop. The valve has never leaked on any of my bottles. Also I have never broken a valve cap, but it’s nice to know Trangia sells them separately if a replacement is needed.

  2. Kunden köpte: Fuel bottle 0.5 L, olive


    These fuel bottles are superb.
    They are robust, can store several different types of liquid fuel and the valve type filler/pouring mechanism takes the grind out of filling burners.
    My only gripe is that the height difference between the .5l and the .3l is negligible. Many titanium pots these days are only about 10cms tall so whilst the diameter of the fuel bottles is spot on, the height is way over. How about a 10cms tall bottle with the valve at the top buton the side Trangia?

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