Gas burner GB74

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The gas burner is easy to use, has a fast cooking time and keeps the pans soot free.


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Gas burner with cover (Primus system)
Trangia Gas burner runs with gas cartridges with Propane/Butane mixture. The valve is international standard, EN417 threaded valves (7/16 NS Lindal Valve). These cartridges are available in most countries around the world. Gas is a clean fuel with a high energy level. Running your stove on Gas does not demand any priming or pumping and it will not leave any soot or smell.

There are many cartridges of different brand available on the market. Quality of the cartridge and filling may vary. For cold temperatures we can recommend Primus Winter Gas that makes the gas burner to work effectively down to -22° C. Well known brands of high-quality gas cartridges are for example:Primus, MSR, Optimus & Jet boil

→ For trouble-free use of the gas burner, read the instructions provided. There you will also find advice on cleaning and care. From the start, you should regularly open your burner for maintenance. This prevents the threaded flame spreader from sticking and keeps the nozzle and fuel line clean and open ←

Gas cartridge with Propane/Butane, EN417 threaded valve

Fuel consumption:
Gas consumption: 150 g/h on full power. A gas canister of 230 g will burn 1.5 hrs on full power. It boils 1 L of water in 3.5 min (varies depending on weather and fuel quality).

Jet size: 0.37 mm
Output: 2100 w/ 6700 btu

The Gas burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
• Trangia Triangel ( 400333)
• Open spirit stove ( 100230)


NOTE! Trangia Gas Burner item no: 742527 can not be sold / delivered to Korea, Japan and Australia. Nor to countries within the EU and NO, UK CH.

More information

Weight (g) 180

25 Large, 27 Small, 400333, 100230


EN417 threaded valve


0.37 mm


Propane/butan gas

Effect (w)


Cooking time (1 l)

3.5 min

Made in


3 reviews for Gas burner GB74

  1. Trent

    Hot and fast! Although it lacks the quiet tranquility of the traditional spirit burner if your only goal is to get boiling water into your dehydrated meal ASAP it’s hard to beat.
    It simmers well and the heat is very consistent and controllable.

  2. Danielsson81

    A really nice burner with significantly more efficiency.
    I use both versions in alternation. The spirit burner for the romantic hours when cooking and the gas burner when it has to go faster. A very nice product which I would recommend at any time.

  3. David

    Ganske fin brænder med god effekt. Denne brænder gør et Trangia noget mere effektiv.
    Det eneste minus ved serve brænder er at den larmer noget mere sammenlignet med spritbrændern.

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