Gel burner B24

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Gel burner. Consists of a simple cup and a lid in aluminum. Can be used with gel or solid fuel. Suitable for those who have simpler cooking needs – such as if you only intend to boil water – or when you want to avoid gas containers or liquid fuel.

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The gel burner is a more simpler type of burner and consists of a cup with lid that is used with gel or solid fuel, such as fuel tablets. Gel and tablets can also be used as fire starters for the camp fire which is very useful. The availability of these fuels varies for different countries and can be difficult to find.

Example of fuel:
• BCB Fire Dragon gel or solid fuel, bio-ethanol fuel
• Vango Gel Fuel , bio-ethanol fuel
• Esbit solid fuel tablets, hexamine fuel

Fuel consumption:
Varies with fuel type and how much you add. See the respective fuel for recommendations. Boil 1 L of water for about 7 min measured with Fire Dragon (varies depending on climate and fuel quality).

Output: Varies with the fuel. About 1500 w

The Gel burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
• Trangia Triangel ( 400333)
• Open spirit stove ( 100230)
• Mini Trangia ( 100285)

More information

Weight (g) 18

AL / Aluminium


Ø80×26 mm


25 Large, 27 Small, 400333, ALL, 100230, MINI


Gel/Solid fuel

Cooking time (1 l)

7 min

Effect (w)


Made in


1 review for Gel burner B24

  1. Hanna van Tol

    While achieving the uses it’s good for, this product falls short of the quality i expect from Trangia.

    The gel burner indeed fits nicely into basically anything the company makes, and can handle hexamine and other solid fuels well. The lid even offers the option to snuff them out, saving fuel.

    The downside is that this quality isn’t worked out further. The lid doesn’t stay on very well, meaning that storing fuel will be harder to do. This is likely due to the very low grade aluminium.

    I don’t know why the gel burner uses such a soft and low grade aluminium while anything else is made from a perfectly good and strong aluminium. You almost need to baby this burner in order for it not to be squished or deformed.

    If trangia could improve the material quality and have the lid be a screw type, this could be a very worthy accesoiry to any trangia. I particulairly like to use it in conjunction with they Triangel, since both packed with fuel still fit the bag supplied with the Triangel, making it a very versatile esbit killer to me and a no brainer to pack on any trip.

    I like what it can do and the size, but i really wish Trangia would improve upon the design and build.

    Ps: put some rock felt into this product and it’s basically an alcohol stove for ultralight purposes. It can do it anyway, but adding rock felt makes it much safer and prevents accidental spills.

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