Mini Trangia

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Practical and lightweight for the lone walker

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Practical and lightweight for the Lone walker. Specially produced for the International Mountain Marathon KIMM

• Aluminium saucepan 0.8 L
• Frypan Ø150 mm, with Non-stick
• Spirit burner
• Windshield and handle

More information

Weight (g) 350
Dimensions (packed)

Ø150×67 mm

Pot 1

0.8 L AL

Frypan (Ø)

Ø150 mm NS




SB / Spirit Burner



Effect (w)


Made in


7 reviews for Mini Trangia

  1. Arne

    Great little storm cooker. Nice for a one person hike. Great quality from Trangia as usual.

  2. Churchy Bypass

    This is a great cooking set for a day out hill walking. Fits in a rucks’ side pocket with fuel bottle in the other. Ideal for one but have managed to cook decently for two. Having an additional wind shield is useful when cooking in more exposed areas but setting up with a few loose stones etc works just as well. Had mine a few years and non stick is showing signs of wear and tear but it’s been a great ‘companion’. Have bought an extra frying pan for the time I’ll eventually have to replace the original.

  3. Jan Boom

    Just bought a new spare Mini Trangia, not that the old one which is in use for year now has broken but just in case and you will always see when you need a new one or want to have one it is unavailable. What to say about the Mini, yes it is mini, except that it is light, simple of of the standard Trangia quality. Clearly is somewaht limited compared with the 27-series but what do you expect. It does what it is supposed to do and is doing that great. The only two minus points I can think of is that is it a little less stable so you have to be careful where to set it up. The other thing is that is somewhat troublesome in windy circumstances. I solved it with a thick homemade windscreen of aluminium but that is really the only thing I can think of. Clearly you might find it what difficult to cook a four star diner but at the end of the day or just during lunch that is not really on your mind. You only long for a hot drink or a simple meal and for that the Mini is perfectly suited.

  4. Jan Boom

    Just purchased a second one, not that my original haps broken down but just to have one spare or one to share and it can be difficult to buy one once you need it. Quality is Trangia standard, it is light, it is simple (almost – I guess if you really want to it can be) indestructible, easy to use, small and most important it does what it is supposed to do (in my case boiling water and that does it rather quickly). Of course it has its limitations for example compared iwith the 27 series but much easier to carry with you. The only point for improvement could be to have a suitable windscreen, now I use a aluminium type of lightweight screen that does the job but it looks a little awkward but again to save weight it might be a good compromise.

  5. Robin B

    My Mini Trangia has been a faithful companion for over a quarter of a century. It is a superb little stove. Mine pre-dates the introduction of non-stick, so there is nothing to go wrong!
    It might be slower to boil than some of the newer gas-powered competition, but meths is a by-product, so it’s got to be more environmentally friendly…
    I’ve started using an additional folding windshield for windy conditions.

  6. Richard B

    I have had my Mini Trangia for 20 years now and it is a little blackened, it has some scratches and has lost some of its non-stick surface – but it is still going strong! It fold up small and always works as there are no complicated or delicate parts to break or fail. It has been up mountains, been on holidays abroad and at home and has even cooked numerous pancakes on pancake-day in the office at work. A true classic stove that will last a lifetime. Brilliant.

  7. Benjamin Goacher (verified owner)

    I purchased this Mini 28T, 2 months ago along with the 27-2UL. It is World class qualities. Nothing can break on it, truly superb engineering and design.
    Trangia, were highly efficient, fast delivering to Spain, very informative along the way and very well packaged. With me, they’ve a customer’s for life. Highly recomendable.

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