Saucepan 1 L Outer

89 SEK

The outer standard saucepans for Trangia stove 27 Small

89 SEK
179 SEK
277 SEK
311 SEK
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Choose between 4 different materials

• UL/ Ultralight – Our advanced base material
• NS/ Non-stick – Low fat cooking and easy to clean
• HA/ Hardanodized – Hard and scratch resistant
• DS/ Duossal 2.0™ – Durable with stainless steel on the inside

Read more about the different materials in our Material guide

More information

Weight (g) N/A

UL / Ultralight, NS / Non-stick, HA / Hardanodized, DS / Duossal 2.0™


Ø150×67 mm

Size (people)



1 l


27 Small

Made in


1 review for Saucepan 1 L Outer

  1. Mihai (verified owner)

    The duossal steel is not really that hard compared to other pots steels I have in my kitchen, so I’m a bit disappointed. After washing it with a plastic sponge, there are a lot of scratches on the metal. This does not happen with the other stainless steel pots I have.

    Otherwise, they fit well in my old alu trangia stove kit.

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