Triangle stove

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Now a complete set with Triangle and Spirit Burner!

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Complete set with the Triangle and spirit burner. Stand of 3 pieces , holder for burner, in stainless steel,  spirit burner and cover. Can be used with the spirit burner, gas burner, or gel burner.

Do you want the Triangle without a burner? Look here
Do you need to buy a gas burner or gel burner? See our burners here →



What’s new for version 2022:

On the windsheilds, the plates:
• The edges of the plates are graded in a tumbling machine. As a result, the shiny surface becomes duller than before.
• The shape is the same otherwise, so the old rings will still fit against the new plates and vice versa.

On the ring:
• The ring has been redesigned to provide a more stable attachment to the windsheilds
• It can also be placed flat in the small Mess tin so you can pack the spirit burner at the same time.
• The rings are polished to remove black marks after welding

Moreover, assembly and disassembly is a little different. Watch the video

More information

Weight (g) 225

126×85 mm




SB / Spirit Burner



Effect (w)


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