Wool handle cover

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New 2022!

Durable wool cover for the handle

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This handle cover is included in all stoves with gas burner and camping sets (manufactured from May 2021) where a handle is included (art.no 602510).
A nicer packaging material and more environmentally friendly than previous paper and plastic.

Our wool products are the result of a local collaboration purposefully initiated to extend the lifeline of Trangia products by protecting the metal surfaces from scratches. The material is made from recycled wool from Woolpower´s production and sewn by a local manufacturer. The color will vary depending on the color cycle in Woolpower´s factory, making your case unique!

• Recycled material
• Locally produced in Jämtland, Sweden
• Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Keep away from fire.
• The fabric is Woolpower recycled felted wool, min 50% wool and max 50% synthetic. 2 mm thinkness

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Weight (g) 7

Recycled felted wool


ø170×70/45 mm

Made in


2 reviews for Wool handle cover

  1. Claus


    That cover should be standard in every Trangia set!

    Protects pots,kettles and pans from getting scratched on transport, avoids the handle to rattle around in your set!

  2. Steve Lee (verified owner)

    Wool blend spondonicle cover does double duty: 1. Keeps your aluminum pot gripper from rattling in your Trangia kit, and 2. Serves as a mini hot pad.
    Cool accessory, I like it better than the bandanna I was wrapping the handle in.

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