Gel burner Artno 602400

The gel burner is a simpler type of burner and consists of a cup with a lid and is used with gel or solid fuel. Suitable when you have simpler cooking needs – such as if you only intend to boil water – or when you want to avoid gas canisters or liquid fuel. The gel burner is available as an accessory.

Which fuel should be used?

The gel burner is used with gel or solid fuel, such as fuel tablets. Suitable to take to places where you may need to avoid gas canisters or liquid fuel. FireDragon gel block or gel is ethanol based and perfect to carry as emergency fuel. Can be used as a fire starter for the campfire, which is very practical – or as disinfection, if there is an urgent need. It is easy to light even when cold or wet. Esbit and Origin are solid/dry fuel in tablet form, and should be kept away from moisture.

The availability of these fuels varies in different countries and can be a bit tricky to find.
Examples of suitable fuels:

Fire Dragon gel block. Ethanol-based fuel.

Fire Dragon – Gel in bottle. Ethanol-based fuel.

Esbit fuel tablet (hexametylentetramin/Hexamin, HMTA)

Origin Outdoors fuel tablet

Fuel consumption

Consumption varies with the type of fuel, as well as how much you fill up with. See the respective fuel for recommendations. We have tested with FireDragon gel blocks: 1 L of water boils in approx. 7 min and the gel block burns for approx. 10 min in total (varies depending on climate and fuel quality).

How much fuel do you need?
It can be difficult to calculate how much fuel you will need on your trip. With the above information in mind, you should also consider:

• How many people will you cook for?
• How many meals should be prepared?
• What kind of food are you going to cook…freeze-dried or fresh food?
• The weather matters, what are the temperature and wind predictions?

Cook something at home before you head out for the first time, and you will get an idea of how much fuel you will need.

How to use the gel burner?

Place the gel burner in your stove and fill the desired amount into the cup and light. When lit, it burns quickly up to full power until it goes out. The gel burner is just a simple cup, so it’s up to the fuel how it performs. Most suitable when you have simpler cooking needs – such as if you only intend to boil water. Allow the cup to cool thoroughly before refilling.

The gel burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
• Trangia Triangel ( 400333)
• Open spirit stove ( 100230)
• Mini Trangia ( 100285)

Pros & cons

  • Fuel can be used as fire starter
  • No cleaning or maintenance
  •  No parts that can break
  • Quiet! Easy to use
  • Difficult with effect in cold degrees
  • Difficult to adjust the flame
  • Should cool before refilling
  • Burns up quickly

FAQ Trangia gel burner

What can I light the gel burner with?

You can use matches, a lighter or fire steel.

How do I clean the gel burner?

The gel burner consists of a simple aluminum cup and lid. Clean by hand with detergent and brush.

Can I save fuel in the gel burner for another time?

We recommend that you burn the fuel you have filled up with.

How do I fill the gel burner?

Fill the cup with gel or tablet and light it. Never add fuel to the burner until it is completely extinguished.

Why is my gel burner sooting?

The quality of fuel of the different brands varies and some soot more than others. Try another brand.

Can I use gel or tablets in my spirit burner?

No, the Spirit Burner has a wick inside it and needs liquid fuel to function properly.

Can I use my Trangia stove indoors?

Yes, you can. A camping stove is made for outdoor use. If still needed to use indoors so keep in mind: Good ventilation, fireproof surface, free above and always under supervision. We suggest you choose the spirit burner or gas burner if you need to use indoors.


Vikt (g)18
MaterialAL / Aluminium
MåttØ80×26 mm
Koktid (1 l)ca 7 min
Effekt (w)1500
CertifikatNot required


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