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Help to choose Trangia stove

There are several complete variants to choose from with different materials in the wind shield, pots and frying pan. Do you want with or without a kettle? Spirit or gas burner? The choices are many – with our guide, it will be easier to choose the right stove for you.

Some quick facts

You need to make some choices to find the right stove for you

1. Choose size.
2. What burner?
3. With or without kettle?
4. Which main material.

There are 2 sizes of the classic Trangia stove

Trangia stove 25 Large
– for 3-4 persons

Trangia stove 27 Small
– for 1-2 persons

You can choose between 2 different burners

Spirit burner or gas burner

Kettle is available as an option

1. Size – the classic Trangia stove

For 3-4 persons

Trangia stove 25 Large

Suitable for: For the family or a larger group – or you who want to cook real food outdoors

For 1-2 persons

Trangia stove 27 Small

Suitable for: For you on the solo trip or if you are thinking about weight & volume

2. What burner?

For the Trangia stove, you can choose between 2 different burners. They are placed in the same way, in the lower windshield. If you have a stove with one type of burner, you can always supplement with the other – both are available to buy separately!

Spirit burner

Spirit burner for alcohol-based fuels such as methylated spirit.

  • No cleaning or maintenance
  • No parts that can break
  • Quiet! easy to use
  • Climate friendly
  • Slightly longer cooking time
  • Difficult with effect in cold degrees
  • The fuel can soot depending on quality
  • Should cool before refilling, beware of spillage

Gas burner

The gas burner is easy to use, has a quick cooking time and keeps the pans soot free.

  • International standard for connection
  • Fast cooking time & easy to adjust
  • Easy to find fuel
  • Minimal soot
  • Fossil fuel
  • Louder than the alcohol burner
  • The container must be recycled
  • Requires some cleaning/maintenance

3. With or without kettle?

0.9 liter

Kettle 25 Large

For the large stove – All stoves in the 25 Large series can be had with a kettle.

0.6 liter

Kettle 27 Small

The 27 Small series set with kettle is offered with the spirit burner only.

The 27 series set with kettle is offered with the spirit burner only. That’s because this compact stove doesn’t have room for both a kettle and a gas burner when packed up. Of course, you can always add a gas burner or kettle as accessories. There are some exceptions for stove 25 Large where stove+ kettle are not available as a package.

4. Which material

UL / Ultralight

Our advanced base material. Aluminum is a light-weight material with good heat conductivity.

  • Low weight, good heat conduction
  • Soft material, dents easily

NS / Nonstick 

“Teflon” as it is also called, is mainly used in the frying pan but also in the pots. A coating that provides a perfect surface for frying with minimal fat and is easy to clean.

  • Easy to clean
  • Less durable, use plastic/wooden utensils and protect during transport

HA / Hardanodized

Hard anodizing is a surface treatment that makes the surface hard and scratch resistant. Protects against wear and corrosion which can occur on aluminium.

  • Low weight & good heat conduction. Hard scratch-resistant surface
  • More expensive than the base material UL

DS / Duossal 2.0

Our unique super laminate. A perfect combination of two materials in one, aluminum on the outside for good heat spread and stainless steel on the inside.

  • Sturdy & scratch-resistant
  • A slightly more expensive material & somewhat heavier than aluminum alone

Use the filter function in the shop!

To get a good selection according to your wishes, it is easy to use the filter function in the shop

On desktop/computer it looks like this:

On mobile, you can find filters here:


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