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Use & care

Simple and safe cooking outdoors. How to use and take care of your Trangia stove so it lasts a lifetime … or three.

Quick guide

– how to use the Trangia stove


PLACE THE LOWER WINDSHIELD on a flat piece of ground, away from flammable materials and sheltered from the wind as much as possible. Position the air holes so they are facing the wind.


FILL THE SPIRIT BURNER (max 2/3 full, approx.
100 ml) and place it in the lower windshield.


POSITION THE UPPER windshield on the lower
windshield and turn to fasten into place.


FLIP ALL THE HOOKS down to use a saucepan or kettle, and flip them up to use the frypan.


LIGHT THE FUEL in the burner and place the pan you are using on the stove.


USE THE FRYPAN as a pot lid in upright position for more efficient cooking.


PLACE THE SIMMER ring with open lid on the
burner and regulate the flame with the brown lid.


TO EXTINGUISH the flame, close the lid on the
simmer ring.


If the fuel burns out before you have finished cooking, wait until the burner is cold (so you can comfortably hold it with your bare hands) before refilling it. Never leave the stove unattended. Adjust the position of the stove if the wind changes direction.

INSTRUCTION video – use your trangia stove

Would you rather watch video how to use the stove?
Watch here! If you do not have a stove yet, there are about 60 different variants in our webshop.

The Spirit burner

– important notes

  • USE TRANGIA’S fuel bottle that has a safety closure and easy-pour feature
  • FILL THE BURNER to a maximum of 2/3 full (approx. 100 ml).
  • EMPTY THE BURNER when you have finished cooking. Do not store fuel in the burner
  • ONLY USE alcohol-based fuel – never petrol or other oil-based fuel.
  • NEVER REFILL the burner with fuel before it is completely extinguished and has cooled down.
  • BE ABSOLUTELY 100% sure the stove is not burning or still warm if pouring fuel back into the bottle.

Fuel bottle with safety cap- for easy and safe filling

For safe filling of the spirit burner. The unique design of the safety cap allows you to pour the liquid without removing the cap. The cork has a venting spout and a pouring spout that allows the liquid to flow smoothly, reducing the chance of spills. 

About the gas burner

– an alternative to the spirit burner

  • The gas burner is used in the stove in the same way as the spirit burner. Is easy to use, effective and does not soot.
  • Gas canisters are available for purchase in 3 different sizes and are found in sporting goods stores, gas stations and grocery stores. The connection is international standard, examples of brands are: Primus, MSR, Optimus & Jet boil.
  • When connecting, it may sizzle and seep out a little gas, that is completely normal. Continue screwing the valve with normal hand force.
  • When igniting, turn on a little gently first, ignite, and then increase the flow slowly. The gas container must be in an upright position.
  • A gas burner requires a little more maintenance than an spirit burner. You should regularly perform maintenance on your burner right from the start. Read the instructions for use how to proceed

Maintenance & care

– to ensure many years of use

  • WASH POTS AND PANS and other parts with regular washing-up liquid and a brush/soft sponge.
  • IF YOU NEED A LITTLE EXTRA HELP: use steel wool or Scotch-Brite (NOT on non-stick pans).
  • NEVER PUT POTS, pans or other parts in your dishwasher – the chemicals used in dishwasher detergent destroy the aluminum’s surface.
  • DO NOT STORE FOOD in the pots or pans – they should be washed directly after use. Moisture and food residues can cause corrosion, discoloration and holes in the aluminum.
  • CLEAN THE OUTSIDE of your pots and pans as well. If you are using gas there will be almost no need for this, but petrol or alcohol-based fuel is more likely to leave a sooty residue. This is easy to clean off, however.
We recommend hand wash. But should you still happen to wash your Trangia items in a dishwasher, they are still good to use. They get a bit rough and a little dull on the surface, but that goes away with time!

Packing & storing

  • MAKE SURE THE BURNER is completely empty of fuel to avoid the risk of leakage.
  • MAKE SURE ALL PARTS are clean and dry before packing them away for storage.
  • STORE THE BURNER in the yellow plastic bag to avoid corrosion.
  • PROTECT NON-STICK PANS with the protective plastic sheet or the Multidisc.
  • STORE YOUR STOVE in a Trangia cover bag to avoid sooting your other packaging
  • THE FUEL BOTTLE is best transported in an upright position, such as in the side pocket of a backpack
  • POSITION THE STRAP buckle at the side of the stove. If placed on the top of frypan it can cause dents

INSTRUCTION video – pack your stove

Useful advise

  • Use only plastic or wooden utensils in non-stick pot/pan
  • Do not place an empty pot/pan on the stove so that it boils dry. Without food or liquid in it, it can melt.
  • Details of heat-resistant plastic, e.g. the knob on the kettle, can melt when the heat is too high or in direct contact with fire.

Use the pre heater

In low temperatures, you may need to preheat the spirit burner for optimal efficiency. The pre heater heats the burner with its fuel and makes it bloom quickly to full effect. Perfect to use already from outdoor temperatures of +5 degrees.

  • PUT A FEW DROPS of fuel on the absorbent pad in the preheater and attach it to the base of the burner. There is a groove on the burner that the preheater should “click” in. Try if you can turn around the preheater – then you have got it in the right place.
  • FILL THE BURNER with fuel.
  • LIGHT THE FUEL in the preheater and place it together with the burner in the lower part of the windshield. You need to be a bit quick.
  • LIGHT THE BURNER and start cooking as usual.
  • THE FUEL IN THE preheater will burn out after about two minutes.
  • THE FLAMES MAY BURN higher than usual before the preheater burns out; keep an extra watchful eye on the stove during this time.

INSTRUCTION video – how to use the pre heater

See here how the Winter attachment with the preheater works! Trangia Preheater is available as a complete Winter attachment or only the Preheater. Take a look in the shop!

Using a Trangia stove indoors?

  • CAMPING STOVES are designed for outdoor use. If you do need to use your stove indoors, for example during a power outage, please take note of the following. Also consider following local regulations, laws and injunctions that may apply in your country.
  • READ THE USER INSTRUCTIONS carefully and make sure you know how to use it outdoors.
  • MAKE SURE THE SPACE you are in has good air circulation. Avoid small spaces with poor ventilation. In an apartment, it is enough to have a window ajar
  • PLACE THE STOVE on a fire-safe surface, such as a baking tray.
  • MAKE SURE THERE is free space above and around the stove so that nothing can catch
  • NEVER LEAVE a lit stove unattended.


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