To use your Trangia

Use and take care of your Trangia items by following our simple advice and instructions.

This is how you use your Trangia stove.

If you use the spirit burner in severe cold, the winter attachment can be useful.

This is how you pack together and take care of your Trangia stove.

Care instructions

• Save the plastic cover that comes with the non-stick frypan or make your own protection such as a piece of oilcloth. Or use our Multi-disc
• Use only plastic/ wooden tools in the vessels  of non-stick
• Do not wash in dishwasher, hand washing is recommended for all parts of the Trangia stove. Why? The dishwasher detergent is to strong for the aluminium
• Do not store/ leave food in the vessels, clean straight away
• Be sure everything is dry before packing together the stove
• Moisture and food particles can cause corrosion, discoloration and holes in the material
• Do not place empty pans on the stove, they can melt
• Details made of heat-resistant plastic, e.g. the handle of the kettle, can melt at very high temperature or in direct contact with the fire
• Never leave your stove unattended. Be aware of the wind direction as the air holes in the lower windshield should be turned into the wind
• Spirit burner with fuel in it should not be packed in the stove during transportation, it can leak
• Never refill the burner until it is completely extinguished and has cooled down and use the fuel bottle with the safety cap
• Keep the burner in plastic or similar to prevent corrosion damages on the vessels.