Matdosa Small 212

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Matdosa i aluminium utan handtag.Lilla modellen

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Vikt (g) 128

AL / Aluminium


165x90x65 mm

Antal pers



0.75 l

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2 recensioner av Matdosa Small 212

  1. Rémy Schumm

    very nice – I love it.
    I wanted to buy another one – but in my shop I only found some without the Trangia Logo on, it looked like fake. Did you remove it?

  2. Dino

    This is one of the few things in my posession for more than 15 years, and it still works the same as the day it was gifted to me! It has collected quite a lot of patina over the years, which makes it look very used and charming. It gets compliments from curiou friends, too. Highly recommend this if you need a simple storage tin. I will say, if you put hot food inside, it becomes almost impossible to hold in your hand because the tin heats up – if you’re actually after a mess kit, I would look at the ones with handles. I have used this to store personal effects, sandwiches, snacks, tools, spare parts, and much more.

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