Christmas campaign 2023

Buy a Trangia stove and get engraving for free! Take this opportunity to personalize your outdoor stove with a name, date or message of your choice. Imprint a personal touch, creating a legacy that can be passed down through generations. Text engraving only and for a complete stove in serie 25 och 27 in regular asortment.

For delivery before Christmas, we need your order by the latest:
Monday december 11 – EU & international shipment
Thursday december 14 – within Sweden

Christmas campaign 2023

Stove with engraving is packed in a nice gift box

Engrave your Trangia stove
Now you can personalize your Trangia stove through laser engraving. It’s the perfect gift, for yourself or someone you love. With engraving, you can write your own text on the product, for example name, initials, a congratulatory greeting or perhaps a memorable date? There is also the option to engrave a logo. The result is a beautiful memory that lives on with the stove. With laser engraving, you get a stylish and high-quality result that is very durable. Engraving is offered on all stoves in series 25 and series 27. You can choose between text engraving or a logo. For text engraving, we only have 1 font. You can always design your own logo and freely create whatever look you want.

Engrave your Trangia stove

Which products: All stoves in serie 25+27
Placement: On the upper windshield, opposite side from the Trangia logo
Engraving font: : Baskerville
Number of characters: 175 characters, 5 rows
Size: Depends on number of characters and rows – see example below
Logo, file format: Vectorized file .eps .dxf .jpg .png (at least 300 dpi)
Logo, maximum size: 50MB
Logo, color: Black/white
Delivery time: approx. 3-7 days + shipping ATTENTION! At the moment we have a longer delivery time!
Price: 200 SEK/20 EUR ( price on engraving may vary due to currency, rate and VAT)

How to order?
1. Choose stove 25 or 27.
2. To add engraving, choose from the dropdown menu between text or logo.
3. As text:

4. As logo:

5. When you’re done, add to cart.
6. Check your text/logo in the shopping cart. If you are satisfied, go ahead with your purchase. If you have any requests/messages for us, use the message box in the checkout:

What will it look like?
The engraving will be placed on the upper windshield, opposite side from the round Trangia logo. The font we use for text engraving is Baskerville and we will center the text/logo. Size of the text depends on how much text there is. Example:

FAQ Engraving

Can you get a different font on the text engraving?

Not if you choose text engraving. Baskerville is the only font available at this time. If you want to design your own look, you can always create a logo and upload it.

What is meant by logo/logotype?

A logo is a symbol, text or graphic image – or a combination of these. The best results for engraving on our materials will be if the logo is black or white. We cannot engrave based on a photo. The file submitted to us must be a vectorized file in one of these formats: .eps .dxf .jpg .png

Can I see a preview of the windshield before you engrave?

No, preview is currently not available. You can preview the text in the shopping cart and we will engrave according to the text you provide us with. Placement will be as described in the help text.

Can I send you my old stove and have it engraved?

No, unfortunately that is not possible at the moment.

What type of engraving is it?

We use laser engraving (fiber laser). It gives a high-quality and durable result.


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