Lina Hallebratt

I am living proof that the outdoors is for everyone

– You don’t have to be big and strong to get by on your own in nature. You’ll get far by just being curious and flexible when opportunities arise

It was purely by chance that I stumbled across this outdoor lifestyle. Years ago, I applied for a tertiary course in textile design, but somehow managed to tick the wrong box – Outdoor and wilderness guide. I had no interest or previous experience, but since I was accepted gave it a go!

This ignited a passion for the outdoors that I didn’t know I had and I never wanted my tours end! I have done many expeditions all over the world since then, but these last few winters I’ve really enjoyed traveling along the “Mountaineers white ribbon” (1300km of Swedish mountain range to where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet) with my dogs.

Marius Rolland Photographer

My favourite Trangia moments are the ones when it’s not so far between grocery stores, and I can treat myself to fresh food like tortellini with butter and lots of cheese! Dry food is great for keeping the weight down, but it’s not that exciting in the long run.

/ Lina Hallebratt

Peter Svanberg Photographer