Multifuel burner Artno 750001

The Multifuel burner X2 is a fast and safe alternative that is particularly suitable in extreme weather conditions, such as very low temperatures. Most suitable for experienced users as it is slightly more complicated than our other burners, it requires preheating and regular maintenance. The Multifuel burner is available as an accessory.

Which fuel should be used?

Multifuel burner X2 is a so-called multifuel stove and can be used with gas or liquid oil based fuels. Our recommendation is primarily that you use gas or high quality liquid fuels.

Gas- jet 0.32mm

The multifuel burner runs on gas cartridges with Propane/Butane/Isobutane mixture. The valve is international standard: EN417 threaded valves (7/16 NS Lindal Valve). These cartridges are available in most countries around the world. There are many different brands of cartridges available on the market. Gas canisters are normally available in 3 different sizes 100 g, 230 g and 450 g. For cold temperatures we recommend Primus Winter Gas, it works effectively down to -22°C. The Quality of the cartridge and gas may vary. Well known brands of high-quality gas cartridges are: Primus, MSR, Optimus & Jet boil. In Sweden you buy gas at most outdoor shops, petrol stations, grocery stores and hardware stores such as Jula, Biltema, ÖoB, and Claes Ohlson.

Liquid fuel- jet 0.32mm

For this burner we recommend a high quality liquid fuel such as white gas or alkylate petrol. Other suitable fuels are Primus Powerfuel and Coleman fuel. These fuels have the highest energy content, burn very cleanly and require the least amount of cleaning and maintenance. This type of fuel has different names in different countries, you can find the most common in our fuel list. (Links at the end of the page)

Example of fuels and valve:

Coleman fuel

Primus Power fuel

Gas from Primus

Valve on Multifuel X2: EN417 threaded valve (7/16 NS Lindal Valve)

Kerosene and diesel should only be used in absolute emergencies as they require a lot of cleaning after use. The quality of these types of fuels varies all over the world, therefore it is impossible to predict how the burner will perform. For kerosene & diesel use jet 0.28 mm. Regular 95 octane gasoline should not be used at all.

Fuel consumption

If you run on gas, approx. 116g/h are consumed at full power. 1l of water takes about 4 min to bring to the boil. With liquid fuel such white gas or alkylate petrol approx. 2dl/h is consumed at full power. 1l of water takes about 4.5 min to bring to the boil. (You normally never need to run the burner at full power, but for calculation purposes, this may vary depending on weather and fuel quality)

How much fuel do you need?
It can be difficult to estimate how much fuel you will need on your trip. With the above information in mind, you should also consider:

• How many people will you cook for?
• How many meals should be prepared?
• What kind of food are you going to cook…freeze-dried or fresh food?
• The weather matters, what are the temperature and wind predictions?


  • Get into the habit of weighing your gas cartridge and making a note. You will be able to see how much gas has been used and how much is left in the container. Same goes for the liquid fuel.
  • Place the stove in a protected position from the wind, to save on fuel.
  • Cook something at home before you head out for the first time, and you will get an idea of how much fuel you will need

How much gas is there in a gas cartridge ?

Gasen weight (g)Container weight (g)Total weight (g)

How to use the multifuel burner?

As the Multifuel burner is a somewhat more complicated device to use, we refer to the user manual for correct and detailed information. (Links at the end of the page)

Are you going on a longer trip? Test your equipment before the trip to avoid unpleasant surprises. Is everything complete? Is there fuel where you are going? Do you need to bring spare parts? We offer a service kit (art no 750100) for our Multifuel burner. It contains the most important spare parts that can wear out or need to be changed. If you go out for a longer trip, we strongly recommend to always bring tools and a service kit for your stove. For trouble-free use of the burner, read the instructions provided. There you will also find advice on cleaning and care. From the start, you should regularly open your burner for maintenance. This prevents the parts from sticking and keeps the nozzle and fuel line clean and open.

The Mulifuel burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small

Pros & cons

  • International standard for connection
  • Suitable at low temperatures
  • Mulifuel options
  • Fast boling time
  • Requires cleaning and maintenance
  • Louder than other burners
  • Difficult to fine tune
  • Fossil fuel

The multifuel burner is perfect for winter use

FAQ Trangia Multifuel X2

Can I use spirit/alcohol in Trangia multifuel burner?

No, You can not use alcohol based fuel in this burner. It would require too high temperatures to burn alcohol and it does not work in this device. However, you can use alcohol to preheat the burner.

How can I customize my old Trangia stove that has no hole for the multifuel burner?

Cut a larger hole among the small holes on the side of the lower windshield that are four holes wide and four holes high.

It gasps/leaks gas when I connect the gas burner to the gas container, why?

Its normal. There may be differences in how quickly the gas container valve opens when connecting between different gas containers/ different valves. To minimize leakage, keep the gas container in upright position when connecting, and quickly screw the last turns.

My burner do not work as it should, what can I do?

The multifuel burner needs regular cleaning. Read more in the Instructions how to clean it and more useful information on how to take care of the burner.

What can I light the multifuel burner with?

You can use matches, a lighter or fire steel

How do I recycle an empty gas cartridge?

Empty gas cartridge are handed in at a manned recycling centre. There they are taken care of and the material is recycled. Ask your municipality where these recycling centers are located. The shop that sold the gas usually also accepts the empty containers and ensures that they are recycled in a safe manner. Due to the risk of explosion, they must never be thrown away in metal recycling.

Can I use my Trangia stove indoors?

Yes, you can. A camping stove is made for outdoor use. If still needed to use indoors so keep in mind: Good ventilation, fireproof surface, free above and always under supervision. We suggest you choose the spirit burner or gas burner if you need to use indoors.


Article noBF750001
Weight (g)525
Boiling time (1 l)approx. 4-5 min
ValveEN417 threaded valve
Jet0.28 mm kerosen/diesel, 0.32 mm gas/petrol
FuelGas/ Oil based liquid fuel
Effekt (w) 1600w/5800 btu (gas) 1500w/5200 btu (white gas/alkylate petrol)
CertificateCE certificate
Made inEU