Matdosa Small 210

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Matdosa i aluminium med svart handtag. Lilla modellen

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Vikt (g) 155

AL / Aluminium


165x90x65 mm

Antal pers



0.75 l

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2 recensioner av Matdosa Small 210

  1. Hanna van Tol

    A nice portion sized mess tin that fits plenty inside. I use it in conjunction with either the Trangel / B26 / Gel burner combination or with the soto windmaster. You can fit an entire cook kit in there.

    It’s nicely sized for general single person needs and due to it’s size can cook bacon or sausages if so desired. I usually use it to boil water or make oatmeal.

    It’s small enough to fit any pack yet large enough for any purpose. You can use the lid as an extra plate. I use it as a lid upside down and it will stay in place due to the curves of the wall. This makes moving it easy to do without burning your fingers.

    Would recommend storing it in the optional roll top or just an old sock so the soot build up won’t dirty your pack.

    Also couples nicely with classic esbit stoves and even the more updated one with that windshield. Nests inside with ease.

  2. Ian Palmer

    This messtin is a good size for a military personal survival pack.
    It fits perfectly into pouches on chest rigs, combat vests and webbing. It gives a water boiling container as well as protecting its contents. A wide strip of tape is useful as a lip protector, if You intend to use it to drink coffee, tea or bouillon , to stop chapped or wind/sun burnt lips sticking to the aluminium.
    A very well made and versatile container, highly recommended.

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